Fanvil i23 IP Door Phone Abudhabi UAE


Fanvil i23 SIP Audio Door Phone 

The Fanvil i23 SIP audio door Phone Dubai combines IP technology with business design, creating a high quality door entry system perfect for a number of changed applications. The Fanvil i23 has an anti-tamper alarm and IK10 and IP65 certification.


Fanvil i23 SIP Audio Door Phone Abudhabi UAE

The Fanvil i23 SIP audio door Phone Dubai combines IP technology with industrial design, creating a high-quality door entry system perfect for a number of different applications. The design of Fanvil i23 Sip Door phone Dubai is based on experience and knowledge of Fanvil IP phone development. The Fanvil i23 is using standard IP/RTP/SRTP protocol for voice transmission and enjoy the benefits of full range of compatibility. The i23 by Fanvil Dubai has a variety of enterprise‐level features and compatible with tons of major platforms, such as Asterisk, Broadsoft and Elastix etc.

The Fanvil i23 SIP audio door Phone Dubai is made of the high strength aluminum alloy with Cast aluminum bottom and has non‐removable hexagon screw to keep the surface shell from being removed. This structure can successfully prevent the Fanvil i23 from raining, water spraying, dust and decrease man‐made damage. Its power resistant level is up to Ik10 standard. Also, its water and dust‐proof level is up to IP65.

The Fanvil i23 Dubai accepts the advanced DSP noise reeducation algorithms and procedures of omnidirectional sound pickup. During calls, i23 SIP Door Phone Dubai can effectively reduce the background noise. At the same time, it also can optimize the distance of pickups, which promises the high voice quality in any case and delivers good experience for users.

Fanvil i23 SIP Audio Door Phone Features:

  • HD Voice with G.722 encoding
  • Anti-tamper alarm
  • Advanced protection with IP65 and IK10
  • Noise reduction
  • 2 SIP Lines
  • PoE enabled
  • Full-duplex speakerphone (HF)
  • Numeric keypad (dial pad or password input)
  • Intelligent DSS keys (speed dial, intercom, etc)
  • Integrated noise reduction module with dual MICs
  • 1 indoor switch interface
  • 1 electric lock relay
  • 2 short-circuit output relays(optional)
  • Anti-tamper switch
  • External power supply
  • Status indication with icons: door opening, talking, call incoming, network/SIP working
  • Access control: call, password, RFID card, indoor switch
  • Door phone, intercom, and paging to one device
  • Protection level: IP65, IK10
  • Wall mounting/ Flush mounting