Grandstream UCM6204 Abudhabi UAE


Grandstream UCM6204 Abudhabi UAE

Grandstream UCM6204 is an enterprise level IP Telephone System build with advanced features and high-end technology.It provides centralized communication needs as an office telephone system with 4 FXO Line support and 500 Users.The powerful dual-core 1GHz processor ensures stable operation.UCM6204 eliminate the need for  licensing fees, costs-per-feature or recurring fees.


Grandstream UCM6204 Abudhabi UAE

Communication remains an indispensable part of business. The contact between customers and the business has always been a priority for all kind of businesses.  Grandstream UCM 6200 Series bring the advancement in technology as the way we communicate has changed over time. The Telephone system you depend upon to make the communication is one of the greatest assets you have to choose. There is no Doubt Grandstream UCM6204 bring all the modern communication requirement right in front of you. Grandstream UCM6204 IP PBX Coming with 4 FXO Port, 2 FXS Port and a maximum 500 user capacity.Companies use PBX to make the connection to the internal and external phones and to carry out other functions such as the call forwarding and call holding, and it has been in use for many decades.  If your business is looking to replace or upgrade the system to  IP PBX based system then it would be ideal to choose UCM6204 for your company. In standard,  these days businesses start eyeing the advantages of implementing phone systems that work over the IP networks (Internet). The main benefit of using the UCM6204 VOIP based system is the cost itself, both for the initial investment and for the long run.

Grandstream UCM6204

A Promising growth with the New Grandstream UCM 6204

Grandstream has always transformed the way business communicates. Many of the small and medium businesses have benefitted in through Grandstream IP Telephony products. Grandstream UCM6100 series IP PBX system, for example, helped many small and medium business to achieve the unified communication in an easy way. Now the Grandstream has come up with the new UCM6200 series IP PBX system with extended features and functionalities as that of the UCM6100 series.

The Grandstream UCM6204 IP PBX model will be a perfect choice for your business if you are looking for a more compelling upgrade. Following are some of the features that Grandstream UCM6204 IP Telephone System supports.

  • Supports 4 FXO ports and 2 FXS Ports
  • It supports 500 SIP devices/users
  • Supports 45 concurrent VOIP calls.
  • It has three conference bridges
  • Supports Maximum 25 attendees per bridge
  • Supports DHCP server
  • Supports 2 Gigabit ports
  • IVR, Voice Mail, Voice Mail to Email
  • Mobile Client Support

Grandstream is the leader in providing solutions focused on IP telephony, security surveillance, and business conferencing to business of any sizes. It has the legacy of connecting the world through their high-quality solutions and products over the years. What makes it different? Lower cost, improved security features, great interoperability and the productivity makes Grandstream products and solutions promising to business. Not only that, the rapid growth and profitability, globally acclaimed distribution channels, a complete range of communication products and consistently recognized value makes Grandstream a trusted solution provider for your telecommunication needs.

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