Yealink CPW90 Conference Mic


Yealink CPW90 Wireless Conference Mic

Yealink CPW90 is a high-quality conference microphone that can connect wirelessly with CP960 Conference Phone. By Using the DECT technology for the wireless link, the CPW90 ensure the high level of Audio Quality and Range. Yealink CPW90 offer superior audio technology and supports 360-degree voice pickup range at a radius of up to 10 feet or 3 meters.


Yealink CPW90 Mic Abudhabi UAE

The Yealink CPW90 Conference wireless microphone extend the range of CP960 to an additional 10-foot (3-meter) at 360 Degree voice pickup.The Optima HD voice,  Echo cancellation, and Full duplex technology ensure superior sound quality. CPW90 uses advanced dect standard technology to create the link between the CP960 Conference Phone. It also allows the microphones to use up to 20 meters from the conference phone. You can add as much as two CPW90  with a CP960 Conference Phone.

The Yealink CPW90 offered with an 800mAh battery capacity, ensure 19-hour talking time and 1-day standby time.It has a Capacitive mute touchpad allow you to mute the mic audio capturing. The CPW90 gives an ideal choice for organizations who need optimal microphone placement and wider room coverage.

Yealink CPW90 Specification

  • 10-foot (3-meter) 360° voice pickup
  • Capacitive mute touchpad
  • Full-duplex technology
  • Optima HD voice
  • Muting the microphone with touchpad
  • The distance between CP960 and CPW90: 20 meters
  • Echo cancellation
  • DECT Technology
  • 800mAh battery capacity
  • 19-hour talking time
  • 11-day standby time