Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones


Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones

Spread the audio pickup range of the Snom MeetingPoint conference phone with this Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones Dubai kit. Contains two microphones for integrating more members into your conference or for picking up audio in a larger conference room.


Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones Dubai

The Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones Dubai spreading the range of your Snom MeetingPoint. These extra microphones for the Snom MeetingPoint Dubai extend the maximum audio radius of your conference telephone to 70m².  The combined OmniSound® software automatically notices the extra microphones and the working range of the Snom MeetingPoint.

The Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones Dubai is perfectly fit for business, offices and even call centers and now everybody can enjoy the choice and mobility that the Snom Expansion Microphones Dubai provide through conference calls.

The Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Dubai device can grip 5-way conference calls at any time and also provides multiple SIP identities. Before you can use the Snom MeetingPoint Microphones UAE, it is important that you first have the Snom MeetingPoint Dubai device as this will helps you to understand how the extension microphones will work. The MeetingPoint Expansion microphone by Snom itself has a soundtrack range of up to 30m2 so being able to increase this range is confidently an advantage for anyone who deals with conference calls frequently.

Snom MeetingPoint Expansion Microphones Features:

  • Automatic detection
  • Compatible with Snom MeetingPoint
  • Extend the audio radius of your conference telephone to up to 70m²
  • OmniSound software which will auto detect additional microphones
  • Crystal clear audio no matter what your distance from the MeetingPoint
  • Extremely easy to use and set up in any environment
  • Small in size and lightweight