Cisco SPA302D DECT Phone Dubai


Cisco SPA302D DECT Phone 

The Cisco SPA302D DECT Phone Dubai is a Multi-Line DECT Handset that’s designed fully for use with the Cisco SPA232D Multi-Line DECT ATA, and together these products allow the ease of a cordless on-premises mobility solution for Voice-over-IP services.The Cisco SPA302D is a mobility improved receiver, perfect for business environments requiring a cordless phone to support not just one but multiple telephone numbers or lines.


Cisco SPA302D DECT Phone Dubai


The Cisco SPA302D DECT Phone Dubai is a wireless DECT handset designed for use with the Cisco SPA232D ATA and DECT base UAE. TheCisco SPA232D FXS/FXO VoIP Adapter, or ATA, is the main communication server for the Cisco SPA302D handset. You can add up to 5 SPA302D IP DECT phones to each Cisco SPA232D and each Cisco SPA302D DECT Phone will support 2 SIP Accounts. The Cisco SPA302D features a large 2-inch color display, handsfree speakerphone, and 4-way navigation key.


The Cisco SPA302D DECT Phone Dubai allows you to connect to your VoIP phone service wirelessly when used with a Cisco SPA232D. You can add up to 5 Cisco SPA302D phones to a single SPA232D DECT ATA. Each Cisco SPA302D will support up to 2 SIP accounts so you can enjoy the features of your desk phone while you roam the office. The Cisco SPA302D Dubai boasts a 2in TFT color display and a white lightened keypad. The Cisco DECT Phone holds a 50 record private phone book and a 50 record shared phonebook.


Enjoy all the features you normally get on your VoIP desk phone like caller ID, selectable ringtones, message waiting indication, do not disturb, call forward, call transfer, speakerphone, call hold, and three-way conference. The Cisco SPA302D DECT Phone Dubai boats with the DECT handset, 2 AAA NiMh batteries, a power adapter, a charging cradle, and a belt clip, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing all the accessories to make it work up front.


Cisco SPA302D DECT Phone Features:


  • Ability to make high-quality feature-rich business-quality VoIP calls with cordless handset convenience
  • High-resolution color display with hands-free speakerphone and four-way menu navigation button
  • Superior performance and range along with highly efficient battery power usage based on DECT technology
  • Essential telephony feature support such as caller ID, call transfer, call waiting, call forwarding, three-way conferencing, call history, and private and shared phonebooks
  • Cost-effective, multiline on-premises mobility solution capable of registering up to five handsets to a Cisco SPA232D Multi-Line DECT ATA supporting four simultaneous active calls
  • Highly configurable and secure remote provisioning capabilities to enable mass-scale service provider activation and deployment
  • Perfect solution for residential, small office or home office (SOHO), and business environments