Sangoma s700 Dubai IP Phone


Sangoma s700 Dubai IP Phone

The Sangoma s700 Dubai IP Phone is an executive level phone with 6 SIP accounts and an inexpensive price point. Designed to work with FreePBX, the Sangoma s700 IP phone can automatically locate FreePBX to rapidly and easily get full configuration right out of the box – true Zero Touch Configuration.


Sangoma s700 Dubai IP Phone

The Sangoma s700 Dubai IP Phone is an executive level VoIP phone with 6 SIP accounts. The Sangoma s700 IP Phone is equipped with Zero Touch technology that lets for fast and easy out the box configuration with FreePBX. The Sangoma s700 Dubai IP Phone also has PoE so that you don’t have to worry about insertion the phone near outlets or buying separate power cables.

The Sangoma s700 Dubai IP Phone has 6 SIP accounts, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, and is receiver compatible. Its simple and new design incorporates a 4.3-inch full color display and an innate user interface with icons and up to 45 programmable soft buttons. This high-level Sangoma SIP phone Dubai allows for full combination with phone apps in order so that the user can manage difficult features directly from the phone without having to remember feature codes.

The Sangoma s700 IP phone Dubai also boasts key IP phone features that contain 5-way conferencing, call forward, direct IP call, call waiting and call transferring. The Sangoma s700 IP phone is the answer to your VoIP telephony requirements when in search of a high-end VoIP phone at a cheap price.

The Sangoma s700 Dubai IP Phone has a bright 4.3-inch, 24-bit color display. You get wideband audio with a range of audio enhancements including ease noise generation and adaptive jitter buffering. The speakerphone contains audio echo cancellation. The Sangoma s700 IP phone includes 5-way local conferencing.

The Sangoma PBXeact software is a turnkey solution that was designed with business communications in mind. The unified communications platform is closely combined with the most popular phones and endpoint accessible in the VoIP market.

The Sangoma PBXact Dubai phone system is designed for organizations demanding a fully featured, commercially supported, business communications turnkey solution.  Sangoma PBXact has features and functions closely combined into many of the most popular phones and endpoints on the market.

Sangoma PBXact Dubai is based on the world’s most popular open source PBX platform, FreePBX. We pack in advanced functionality and tightly mix this functionality across phones, web based user control panels and operator panels.  PBXact provides one of the coolest systems for workers to get started using, with little or no training.

Sangoma s700 IP phone Features:

  • 10 line keys with LED
  • 10 line keys can be programmed up to 45 various features (4-page view)
  • 8 features keys: voicemail, headset, speaker,hold, mute, transfer, call list, conference
  • 4 context-sensitive “soft” keys
  • 6 navigation keys
  • Volume control keys
  • 6 SIP accounts
  • Call hold, mute, DND (Do Not Disturb)
  • One-touch speed dial, hotline
  • Call forward, call waiting, call transfer
  • Redial, call return,auto answer
  • 5-way conferencing
  • Direct IP call
  • Ring tone selection/provisioning
  • Set date time automatically or manually
  • Dial plan per account
  • RTCP-XR (RFC3611), VQ-RTCPXR (RFC6035)
  • Action URL/URI